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Welcome to the Official AggieWesties Website! 


The Aggie West Coast Swing Dance Club (aka AggieWesties) is a recognized 


student organization of Texas A&M University (TAMU).

   Our purpose is to promote West Coast Swing (WCS) dancing, at TAMU and in the Bryan/College Station (BCS) area. We aim to make WCS lessons and social dances available, fun, and affordable to everyone in the BCS area.  


Come join us!

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This week's announcements (Jan 13th):

This Wed. Jan 15th will be our Welcome Back Social Dance

from 8-11pm at TruFit Villa Maria.  

NO LESSONS, just 3 hours of social dance

Come dressed in all white for our Snow Ball!

  ** Our AggieWesties Level 1 (Beginner) classes **

  **      start again on Wednesday, Jan 22nd         **

See our Lessons for Spring2020  page for all the details

** NEW FOR Spring 2020:  Your first 6 weeks Beginner lessons are FREE!

Beginner (Level 1) students who are new to the club's lessons

are free for their first 6 weeks!

[This offer may only be used once per person]

Attention TAMU Students:

   Spring 2020 WCS Dance Class is open - sign up now!!!

KINE 199  Beginning West Coast Swing (1 credit hour)

  This is a super fun class whether you have dance background or not.

Instructor:  our very own Dr. Suma Datta!! (assisted by her husband Scott)

Time/Date:  Tuesdays 3:55-5:10pm in PEAP building on West Campus

       Registration is open now for Spring 2020:

            Males sign up for 31870

            Females sign up for 31871


Friday       Jan 17th

         Austin:         ASDC - Austin Swing Dance Championships weekend

                                includes ASDC College Student Pizza Party at 11:30pm!


Saturday   Jan 18th   

          Austin:        ASDC - All Day!




Matt,Christine,Kaley, VICTORIA HENK, BEN MORRIS, Jerald,Kendall,Jenny,Scott&Suma

TAMU REC  Oct 14, 2018

What a great weekend!!!

Official AggieWesties Calendar

  All the AggieWesties activities plus other WCS events in Houston & Austin! 

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