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The Aggie West Coast Swing Dance Club (aka AggieWesties) is a recognized 


student organization of Texas A&M University (TAMU).

   Our purpose is to promote West Coast Swing (WCS) dancing, at TAMU and in the Bryan/College Station (BCS) area. We aim to make WCS lessons and social dances available, fun, and affordable to everyone in the BCS area.  


Come join us!

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This week's announcements (July 25th):

  **  AggieWesties Corona Virus status update - July 2021 **

       Our lessons and social dances are looking to come back later this year

          pending changes in TAMU policy and guidance (also for our venue at TruFit).

  **   Fall semester '21 plans:   

                 hoping to resume Wed night lessons and dancing at TruFit!

Until the club is allowed to resume meeting:

   some of our local club members are already vaccinated,

   and there are some small groups of dancers meeting up locally.


     Slowly, the dancing is coming back!


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Matt,Christine,Kaley, VICTORIA HENK, BEN MORRIS, Jerald,Kendall,Jenny,Scott&Suma

TAMU REC  Oct 14, 2018

What a great weekend!!!

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