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Dance Floor Etiquette

Here are a few pointers about what is expected of everyone on the dance floor:


1. Respect others.

2. Avoid teaching on the dance floor. If someone is accidentally hurting you, it is absolutely acceptable to let them know. Otherwise, keep your critiques to yourself.


​3. If someone is making you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, tell Scott or Suma or one of the officers immediately. We pride ourselves on cultivating a safe and welcoming environment.


4. If you accidentally injure someone or have any hand slips, apologize. If the injury was minor (i.e. stepped on their foot), continue with the dance. If the injury was more serious (i.e. bloody nose), help them off the dance floor.


5. Practice good hygiene. Make sure you are wearing deodorant/antiperspirant and use gum/mints as needed. Many people bring a change of shirts if they anticipate sweating during social dancing. We also have Aggie Westie fans for sale.


6. When social dancing, look out for your partner. Avoid running them into someone else. If another couple is about to run into your partner, you can squeeze their hand or verbally warn them.


7. Ask someone politely to dance. Never yank them onto the floor.


8. West Coast Swing is considered a de-gendered dance. This means that males or females can choose to lead or follow.


9. At its core, WCS is considered a social dance. This means that everyone is free to ask anyone to dance, regardless of age, gender, or experience level.


10. If declining a dance, explain why (e.g. injury, need water, etc.).


11. West Coast Swing is a slotted dance. During group lessons or workshops, run your slots “workshop style,” meaning parallel to the short wall of the room. During social dancing, run the slots “social dance style,” or parallel with the long wall of the room.

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