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Videos for Level 1 Class Patterns

Brian B shows 6 beginner/basic patterns:

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Brian B: West Coast Swing Online (YouTube channel)

Brian Barakauskas (Louisvillle, KY) 

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Robert & Nicola Royston:

WCS basic patterns on YouTube

Left side pass

Right side pass (Under Arm Turn)

Sugar Push

Basic Whip (8 counts)

Whip with inside turn (8 counts)

Whip w Single Outside Turn (8 counts)

Basket/Locked Whip (8 counts)

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Practice-WCS blog

Arjay Centeno's YouTube channel has this playlist of his Tuesday night Beginner class recaps:

Practice-WCS is a cool blog with lots of great info including a Beginner Track:

WestCoastSwing OnLine is a great resource with 200+ videos from beginner to advanced,

plus the Move of the Week!

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