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L3 Lessons on Tuesdays

at Moonlight Dance Floor


Level 3 (L3) WCS Lessons available on Tuesday nights at Moonlight Dance Floor!

    Suma & Scott are excited to announce L3 lessons

          from 8:30-9:30pm on Tuesdays at the Moonlight Studio in Bryan.

What: a higher level WCS class 

      with focus on technique, concepts, musicality, and advanced patterns.

Mastery of L1 and L2 material is expected.

        Please see Prerequisites below

each L3 lesson is a "workshop" stand-alone class,

not necessarily part of a sequence

(so you can just drop in anytime). 

When:   8:30pm - 9:30pm Tuesday nights (night before every Wed night lesson)

see lesson dates on our LESSONS page,

or the AW calendar page 


Moonlight Dance Floor

1865 Briarcrest Dr, Bryan, TX 77802   Map


Cost:      $5/night same price for students, adults, everyone

          (this class is a separate cost from the Wed night classes)


Attendance is by audition only with either Scott or Suma.

You must receive instructor permission to move up from Level 2


Q: How do I know I'm ready for L3??

A:  L3 criteria we look for include


  1. Connection

    1. Leads: actively leading follow forward with body lead, relaxed/toned frame, prep and spin leads, closed position, not rough or over hand-leading.

    2. Follows: staying back, relaxed/toned frame, prepping to turn, balance.

  2. Timing: staying on beat much of the time, leading turns with appropriate timing

  3. Teamwork: ability to adjust to partner, follow listening to what is led

  4. Basic Musicality

  5. Mastery of L1 basics

  6. Mastery of much of L2 basics (minimum of 1 semester, preferably 2): cut offs, spinning left side pass, folds, roll in roll out, zouk under arm turn, slingshot, running tuck, rock and go, anchor variations, reverse whip, hustle whip? Hip catch?

  7. Demonstrated desire to learn moves AND technique AND concepts. Willingness to work on their dance

  8. Other Indicators:  regular or frequent attendance at AW lessons and socials, attendance at outside events or regional dances, taking privates from pros we bring in





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