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About the Dance

What is "West Coast Swing"?


   West Coast Swing (WCS) is a slick, sexy, and smooth swing style that can be danced to R&B, Blues, top-40, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, disco, and even country music. WCS developed from traditional swing of the Roaring '20s, but it is infused with a unique California style.

   The fun of WCS comes from the unique musicality and improvisation danced in each song, which either partner can initiate, and the follower being able to "play" within the pattern the leader leads. Beginners can easily master its basic steps, while advanced dancers will be enthralled with creating clever tricks and new moves.


   In 2006,  Benji Schwimmer, a WCS dancer, was the winner of the second season

of So You Think You Can Dance, which brought even more visibility to the dance.

  Benji is now a top pro, competitor, coach, and choreographer in the WCS scene.


   For you knowledge junkies, here is some history of the dance:

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